Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve and share the history of The Town of Beekman from the past to the present and hopefully into the future. We strive to recognize contributions of the Town and its inhabitants. We work to interpret, record and share this information with all residents, visitors as well as tomorrow’s audience.

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Beekman Settlers

Public Historians

Hudson River Valley Institute


  We believe that The Town of Beekman has a history worthy of telling and recording. It is rich in stories and history that

have been passed down from generation to generation. It is our goal to capture these stories and to document them for all time.

We are in search of information and photos from all sources in particular ex-residents, or descendants of former residents,

the results of our efforts will be a updated history of Beekman in chronological format, including maps showing the development

of the town, the farms and homesteads with in it. You will rapidly become conscious, as we have, that every new story leads to

wonderful discoveries and insights of the people and events that have shaped Beekman’s history.It is our hope that the memories

raised by the stories, photos or information you chose to share - or remember - will result in one more addition to our collection.

Please share your memories with us and help us to recover what otherwise will be forgotten. Our goal is to update the web site as

often as we can, in addition we will publish a monthly newsletter that will appear here.

We hope that this web site will help accomplish this massive mission. To smooth the progress of exchange of information,

we have included a E-mail address where you are encouraged to request information, as well as to place any information you might have. 




The Grange Hall on Beekman Road
The Town of Beekman firmly planted in the middle of the Hudson Valley, with a source of attractions  that tourists can come to see,
including the hamlets, which are the settings for historic attractions. Touring was once only for the wealthy, today anyone can set out
on the open road in search of the real America. It is important that they find this real America — past, present and future — in
The Town of Beekman in the mid-Hudson Valley. Anything can be developed into a tourist attraction. It is with this in mind that care needs to be
taken not to overdevelop, but to improve and accent the beauty of what is here. Improvements are under way at several historic sites, including
construction of a Town Museum and a visitor’s center at the Old Mill site. Projections show that hospitality and tourism will be the number one
employer in the new millennium. At this time, there are more than 9,000 full- and part-time jobs in hospitality and tourism in Dutchess County —
roughly 9 percent of the county’s nonagricultural work force — accounting for $157 million in payroll, according to figures from the Travel
Industry Association of America. Tourism is the nation’s third largest retail industry, after car dealers and food stores.

 Charles Brill General store Poughquag Hamlet


Welcome to the Local and Community History site.

As part of our commitment of encouraging history, we promote local, community, county and national history. Volunteering with

The Friends of History is a great way to learn more about history while helping to preserve the past for the enjoyment of future

generations. Meeting new people, learning and sharing information, and making a real contribution to the community are just a

few of the benefits volunteers can receive for their time and effort. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Friends of History,

please contact us.Our Historical Museum & Visitor’s Center soon to be completed and will become our historic center.  The building is located across

the road from the Roosevelt House.The museum's location borders the exact site of the famous Widow Dennis Tavern, which was on the road to the

Fishkill landing that brought thousands of Colonial and British solders in over the Highlands from points north. The museum will be a repository for

history from this area, something that the Friends of History has wanted for  many years.  The museum will give Beekman a destination attraction

that will draw visitors as well as   many tourists and travelers.  In the mean time share our heritage through this site. Visit our web site and History Section,

keep abreast of the museum project's progress, and check our calendar of events. We frequently update and add new sections. Please check out our site we

encourage you to explore the different parts of the site and ask for your patience as we continue upgrading our WebPages to make Beekman history more

accessible. We welcome your opinions on the new Website format at  ush78@aol.com
















Coming Soon! We will be adding pages for more of Beekman History very shortly, If you have a subject you would like to read about ,let us know. We are working on
the Beekman Cemeteries and the Roosevelt Farm.This is the first Web-site we have attempted and it has been a great learning curve, who knew you had to type
 with more then one finger? Thanks for stopping by.

Preserving yesterday and today, for tomorrow.